5 Ways to Get Stretch Marks to Fade

Stretch marks can be destructive to your self-image. No matter how much weight you lose or how much muscle you gain, you feel bad about your appearance because of your stretch marks. You may have hoped initially that your stretch marks would go away over time, but they didn’t. Fortunately, you can improve your self-esteem… Read More

4 Surprising Facts to Consider Before Starting the Raw Foods Diet

If you despise cooking, the raw foods diet may be a good option for you. The diet encourages eating only raw foods and avoiding foods that have been cooked, preserved, microwaved, or genetically engineered. Individuals on the raw foods diet primarily consume organic fruits, vegetables, and nuts in either natural or smoothie form. Because meat… Read More

If You Think Models Don’t Have Stretch Marks, You’re Wrong

Models in ads and magazines have been promoting an unattainable level of beauty for too long. For decades now, real women with weight issues, stretch marks, and other blemishes have felt self-conscious while flipping through the pages of magazines, wondering how the women featured could be so beautiful, in such good shape, and have such… Read More

How Tanning Puts You at Higher Risk for Stretch Marks

Most people know that stretch marks commonly develop at times of quick body growth due to stretching of the skin. Women often get them on their stomachs during pregnancy, weightlifters commonly get them on their arms and legs when working out results in rapid muscle development, and young girls and boys get them when going… Read More

Signs That You May Develop Stretch Marks While Pregnant

Stretch marks are a common concern for expecting mothers, and with good reason: along with weight gain, rapid muscle development, and growth spurts caused by puberty, pregnancy is one of the most common causes of stretch mark scarring. Even women who follow all of the suggestions for preventing stretch marks sometimes get them anyway. If… Read More

What Causes Stretch Marks After Losing Weight?

Striae, more commonly referred to as stretch marks, are scars that form in the middle layer of skin when brittle skin stretches and tears. While stretch marks are most commonly associated with pregnancy and weight gain, losing weight is also a common cause. This surprises most people because skin isn’t stretching when you lose weight—it’s… Read More

Stretch Marks Q&A: What You Need to Know About Striae

Whether you’re currently suffering from stretch marks or are trying to prevent them, these answers to common questions will help you learn more about preventing and treating striae. What causes stretch marks? A number of factors can lead to developing stretch marks. A lack of collagen in skin caused by aging or sun damage can… Read More

How to Avoid Developing Stretch Marks This Fall

Fall is a wonderful time of year. The leaves change to brilliant colors, you get to bring your sweaters, light scarves, and boots back out of the closet, and you get to look forward to some of the best holidays of the year. However, fall can be an easy time to fall into some of… Read More

Great Halloween Costumes That Will Hide Your Stretch Marks

Women’s Halloween costumes tend to start with the word “sexy”: sexy cat, sexy nurse, sexy stewardess, etc. But if you’ve recently given birth and are suffering from stretch marks, you may be feeling anything but sexy, and you’re probably not looking for a costume that highlights the parts of your body that you’re anxious to… Read More