What You Need to Know Before Starting CrossFit

CrossFit is a popular workout and training program that encourages people to push past their limits to lose weight, gain muscle, and get stronger. Proponents of the program absolutely love it; they rave about its benefits and attempt to recruit others. People who aren’t fans of the program, on the other hand, warn that it’s dangerous: trainers with minimal credentials encourage people to push further than they feel they should go. This combination could lead to injury and other serious health conditions.

Regardless of which side is correct, you need to do your own research to determine if the CrossFit program is right for you. Talk to your doctor before starting the program, and consider these four pieces of information designed to assist you in making a decision:

CrossFit Is Not for Beginners

If you’ve spent the last year sitting on the couch eating potato chips and watching Netflix, you probably don’t want to start exercising at the level of intensity required in a CrossFit program. While you’ll probably lose weight if you stick to it, you’ll be so sore after you first workout that you’ll never want to go back, discouraging you from sticking with the program. Additionally, going from not working out at all to working out at such a high intensity can lead to injury and other serious health issues.

Becoming a Trainer Requires Little Education

You can become a CrossFit level 1 trainer by taking a weekend course and passing a written test—that’s it. What this means is that pretty much anyone with a little extra cash and a couple of free days can take on the title of coach. These coaches may have varying levels of education on proper form and health and could coach you into doing reps of an exercise incorrectly, increasing the likelihood that you’ll be injured. An injury could leave you stationary for weeks and force you to start all over again after healing.

CrossFit Works

Like any program that encourages regular exercise, weightlifting, and constant improvement, CrossFit does help people get in shape, lose weight, and build muscle mass. It’s high-intensity workouts provide regular practitioners with sculpted bodies and can provide desired results to individuals who already engage in regular exercise and weightlifting in their daily lives and are looking to get to the next level. CrossFit also promotes dieting to assist in getting into shape, which can also add to the program’s effectiveness.

Weight Loss and Muscle Gain Can Cause Stretch Marks

Before starting any new diet or exercise program, it’s important to keep in mind that losing weight rapidly and gaining muscle rapidly are two of the most common causes of stretch marks. Since one of your goals for getting in shape is likely so you can look your best, you may want to start using a stretch mark prevention product daily before beginning CrossFit. An over the counter stretch mark prevention lotion or cream may reduce your likelihood or developing stretch marks when you start CrossFit.