Great Halloween Costumes That Will Hide Your Stretch Marks

Women’s Halloween costumes tend to start with the word “sexy”: sexy cat, sexy nurse, sexy stewardess, etc. But if you’ve recently given birth and are suffering from stretch marks, you may be feeling anything but sexy, and you’re probably not looking for a costume that highlights the parts of your body that you’re anxious to keep hidden. However, having stretch marks doesn’t mean you have to dress up as a witch. Check out these creative and covering costumes for ideas for your Halloween costume this year.

beatrix-kiddo-costumeBeatrix Kiddo

Mothers are awesome, and few movie characters have displayed how awesome mothers can be as much as Beatrix Kiddo from the Kill Bill movies. This costume is simple and easily recognizable, and it will cover up all of the areas you want to keep hidden. Best of all, you’ll feel like a ninja and a supermom wearing it. Get it for $49.99 from

The Mockingjayadult-katniss-mockingjay-costume

If you’re looking to dress up as a more current powerful female character, consider wearing this Katniss Everdeen costume. It’s tight, so it may not be the thing if you’re feeling self-conscious about your post-pregnancy weight, but it will cover your entire body and will definitely keep you warn if you’re taking your little one out for trick-or-treating. Get it for between $69.99-$99.99 from

plug-and-socketPlug and Socket

If you’re feeling cheeky and want to surprise your friends, consider talking your partner into dressing up with you as a plug and socket. The socket costume will cover any stretch marks or weight issues you’re trying to hide, and the plug will cleverly remind people that you just had a baby. Get the set for $69.99 from


You probably feel like a zombie if your new baby isn’t sleeping through the night, so play the part by dressing up like one. This zombie costume will cover up all of your problem areas, and it’s cute enough that you’ll feel like the most adorable zombie that ever walked the earth in search of brains. Get it for $49.99 from

orange-is-the-new-blackOrange Is the New Black

New mothers can sometimes feel like prisoners, but the feeling doesn’t last forever. Soon, your baby will be sleeping through the night and you’ll have time to use the restroom, shower, and take care of yourself again. In the meantime, though, play up the feeling by dressing up as a prisoner of Litchfield Penitentiary. This costume is available for only $29.99 from

Prepare for Halloween 2017

Though you can cover your stretch marks with creative and clever costumes this year, if you start taking measures now, you may be able to wear what you want next Halloween without having to worry about stretch marks. There are many treatment options available for reducing the appearance of stretch marks or getting rid of them altogether. If you start using a stretch mark removal cream this fall, you may even be able to fade your stretch marks enough to feel good in a bikini before the weather gets warm again.